The new Apple Watches will be aimed at children for sale

It had 55 per cent of the smartwatch marketplace in the first half of 2020 based on a recent report. It forms part of Apple’s wearable company that’s currently the size of a Fortune 150 company.
It has been five years since it had its own’one more thing’ moment and Tim Cook said Apple had put out to produce the best watch in the world. Many will dispute that it has achieved that, particularly fans of mechanical timepieces, but there’s certainly no disputing the fact that it’s appearing on more and more people’s wrists. Samsung, just handling third place behind Xiaomi, has only 8.8 percent.
Evidence that Apple is trying to make its Watch a child-friendly item of hardware has surfaced lately in precisely the same manner that lots of future features seem to be uncovered ahead of Apple unveiling themfrom people digging into software code.
Some delving in an iOS software upgrade has shown that multiple Apple Watches will shortly have the ability to be paired and controlled by one iPhone, letting a parent be responsible for setting up extra smartwatches in their phone. In the process they can manage access to specific contacts or even limit access to what songs that the watch can perform with.

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A’Schooltime’ style will apparently make an appearance in the next major software update, providing parents more control. Apple is planning to make its activity-tracking attributes more child friendly, altering the information on perspective that fuels its Task rings. It will also reward children for ditching the games console and heading out to play and participate in sport.
If these manners (and maybe more) come to fruition when Apple announces its next generation Watch, or when it talks Watch software at WWDC next month, it would look like modest but quite tentative steps are being made towards creating its most personal device better suited to kids. It would echo features like Fall Detection made to make its smartwatch a much better match for older wearers. Hotspots include India, Russia, the US, UK along with China. It is China that accounts for the largest share of shipments of children smartwatches based on a recent report from CounterPoint, which also highlights that overall shipments climbed in 2019. “Apple is the key to unlocking the market for children’s wearables worldwide”
While Garmin and Fitbit have both dabbled in fitness trackers, the smartwatch area is dominated by Chinese tech brands such as Huawei and the lesser known Imoo and BBK. Doki Technologies, founded by a former Fitbit worker, has launched some of the most feature-packed smartwatches, which include voice calling, fitness monitoring and location monitoring. It found room to squeeze in Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant into its DokiWatches. Certainly it did enough to impress Fitbit, if rumours of an acquisition prove true.
Telephone networks have been involved in this area, too. In the united kingdom, Vodafone rebadged a children smartwatch built by Alcatel providing voice messaging, location tracking via GPS and an SOS button to children send alarms to parents. In the US, Verizon launched its Gizmo Watch, which also comprised GPS to enable location tracking and supported LTE cellular connectivity.
Many of these features and the elements to unlock them may be located in the existing Apple Watch. You currently have a GPS antenna for outdoor characteristics and Wi-Fi, which enhances location tracking inside. There’s cellular connectivity, the ability to find Apple Watches and even make Emergency SOS calls. Tantalisingly, the main bases to build a smartwatch for kids are there.
Though designing wearables for children has its own obvious challenges and risks whether we are talking about safety, security or privacy. Those really things were highlighted in 2017 and 2018 when a succession of children smartwatches were subjected for big security holes which could have potentially let hackers speak to children throughout the watches or perhaps spoof location.
Apple will be fully conscious of the fad that parents pass iPads or even iPhones for their children, and it is sensible to presume that this is now happening with its Watch, too. This type of brand new product launch will no doubt hinge on many things. The smartwatch makers already in this area say Apple must be able to earn something that’s easy to use.