Luxury Piaget’s Altiplano Ultimate Concept is the world’s thinnest watch

While the watchmaking team knew that certain developments in the watch — the planet’s thinnest at just 2mm — would trickle down to be utilised in production models, there was no expectation that the notion itself would be reproduced. The response was so amazing that we decided to make it commercially available” Although, as the watch takes longer than a minute repeater to build — a job that could only be done by 2 of Piaget’s watch makers — it is unlikely that more than three or four pieces will be generated annually, with a starting price in six figures.
In addition to being limited by manufacturing, additional exclusivity is offered in the level of personalisation offered on the watch. The colour of the case, bridges, palms and dial (those descriptions are used broadly as among the elements are standard ) can all be customised and individual engravings can be included on front and back of the watch. In accordance with Hébert, more than 10,000 variants are possible. Finding strength within thinness was a substantial factor and also to overcome this Piaget appeared to the space sector where they discovered a specific cobalt alloy that was equally rigid and scratch-proof, which allows it to be coated with various coloured finishes. Working on the movement, it was decided to unite the case back and main plate (some thing Piaget had already done with Calibre 900P at 2013).

Piaget's watch

Then it was time to consider each element, with the tiniest wheel being just 0.12mm thick, in contrast to an average 0.2millimeters in a standard watch. Next came the winding system. To maintain the slimness, components had to be eliminated, allowing the crown to fit flush to the circumstance. Winding is done by means of a particular tool which contains the clutch and slipping pinion to stop over winding. Necessarily elastic, when pressure is put on the glass it pushes and, while tolerances are typically built in to prevent the crystal touching the movement, in an ultrathin watch each nanometer counts. This possible issue was solved in the AUC by ensuring that bridges had been strategically placed so that the crystal would touch them rather than the balance wheel.
Among the biggest space savers was accomplished through eliminating the need for Incabloc shock protection and stones, substituting them with ball bearings — five in all to keep the equipment train and oscillator. As ball bearings lead to some reduction of energy, it had been essential for the mainspring to have additional energy, something accomplished via the use of a particular metal and a redesigned barrel, which has allowed a power reserve of over 40 hours.
Deceptively easy, Hébert says,”The execution is complicated but, yes, the idea is quite simple. What’s with Piaget. People buy our watches as they are amazing — the technology is there but it does not overshadow aesthetics”

Vintage watches

How to buy a vintage watch guide

If it comes to buying a classic watch the decorations are as good as the advantages.
What is a vintage watch?
Alex Stonely:”I believe most people in the industry would consider a view of 25/30+ years as vintage, but the greater prevalence of vintage watches signifies the expression is being used with much more modern items nowadays.” However, as long as the watch in question is no more in production, or has been superseded by a newer version, then I would say it is acceptable to use the term classic. It helps if it is at least 20 years old, like the Zenith-powered Rolex Cosmograph 16520 (made from 1988-2001), for instance, now broadly recognized as a vintage Daytona.”

Which are the characteristics that define a classic watch? Since technology has moved on, the functionality of mechanical watches has become more complex and things such as men dive watches are becoming more robust and can cope with much more intense depths. What is currently happening in the watch world is that a whole lot of vintage styles are being revived so customers can purchase a new watch with all the look of the vintage one. This has also generated interest in classic items as clients find the originals in addition to the re-editions.”
DP:”The magnitude of a wristwatch has ever been a careful compromise by the manufacturers between functionality and aesthetics. What defines vintage more are the techniques and materials previously embraced on these watches, such as plexiglass, dial enamelling or even the luminous chemical used on the batons and palms.”
Which brands/models should I be looking to buy?
AS:”Ultimately the choice of brand is dictated by budget, fashion, the usage of this watch, etc, as it’s when choosing a new or modern watch.”
DP:”From a commercial point of view it would be wise to concentrate on Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and Cartier. Rolex models that deserve a special mention would be: any vintage Daytona from the late Sixties onwards, or even the pre-Daytona (6238) that came earlier, good illustrations of Submariner and GMT, especially full-set watches or early models with gilt dials are quickly rising in value. With Patek it is worth noting the insatiable demand for several of the Eighties Nautilus models — notably the ref 3700 — in any metal, and the Forties/Fifties Calatravas which have great dial legibility and make exceptional daily wearers.”

But when collecting vintage, sometimes the heart can rule the head, and many different brands like Heuer, IWC, Audemars Piguet and Breguet perform extremely well at auction and therefore are highly respected.”

Vintage watches

The Best Vintage Watches And Where To Buy Them Guide

Age improves many things. Men, wine (occasionally ), automobiles and most certainly watches. It is the principal reason every watch brand’s R&D department spends half of its time covered in down book dust from the archives in an effort to find the most obscure reference to reissue.
Vintage watches are comforting, they hark back to simpler times also, in terms of earnings, they are gold. However, what this tradition reissue revival has also triggered is an interest in seeking out vintage designs — the originals that inspired the latest crop. Smart watch buyers have been zeroing in on a decade having an aesthetic that appeals and investing there, enticed by the bargains to be had.
Although there might be deals and steals, buying vintage can be a small wild west. Thus, we’re here to go first through the double doors of that particular saloon to allow you to know where any dangers lie.
Why Can You Purchase A Vintage Watch?
There are so many bright, glistening timepieces out there that you may buy from respectable retailers, so that still have their papers and that you know have their original parts, so why buy vintage?

vintage watches

“In the exact same way that classic car collectors can drive a contemporary one but collect vintage, the same is usually true of watches,” says Adrian Hailwood, senior watch expert at major UK auctioneer Dreweatts plus a private watch adviser and valuer. “A vintage watch might not have the exact same toughness, accuracy or reliability as a contemporary one and it surely won’t be covered by a three- or – last-minute guarantee but it’s history and reflects the maturation of watchmaking over recent years.”
If you read up on the watch you want and trust your seller too, it’s also a means to buy in an iconic brand version at a substantially lower price bracket compared to if you bought new.
For example, as Chris Mann, host of popular watch podcast Time 4 A Pint points out, an Omega Speedmaster in the 1980s or 1990s is a bargains at auction and you can pick up the head (i.e. no bracelet) of an iconic ref.145.022 (the very first Speedie to utilize the calibre 861 and the pre-Moon watch) from back in 1968 for approximately #2,000-#3,000. Even though you can find them recorded for #13,000, so it pays to be savvy.


The Very Best Vintage Watch Websites
What started out as a website has now developed to a one-stop shop for all things watch related, and that includes classic watches. There’s a wonderful choice from the situations you know — Rolex Datejusts — to those you might not — 1970s Aquadive Caribbean, anybody?
All of the classic styles are covered with a 30-day mechanical warranty, so if it quits functioning within that period you can send it back, however, although Hodinkee assess the watch is working when it leaves them, they create no warranty of accuracy or water resistance.
The Watch Club It specialises in Rolex and Patek Philippe but there is still plenty to select from including Tudor, Omega and even relative novices Bremont. Every watch is coated with a two-year guarantee, is inspected by a skilled watchmaker and if mandatory and then pressure-tested and accuracy assessed onsite.
Watches of Knightsbridge
If you want to take your chances with the auctioneer’s hammer, then this family-run site will incorporate a frisson of excitement to your vintage watch buying. Directed by father-and-son staff Simon and Toby Sutton, they bring 50 decades of experience to the vintage watch game. You can flirt with all the monthly online auction or attend one of their Berkeley Hotel-based physical events.
As this is an auction house, unless there is a problem, there are no refunds here. If it comes to dials, they’re just believed to be original if said in the condition file, however WoK will not speculate regarding the creativity of the hands, lume on dials or hands or the originality of polishing cases.
Every opinion value over #1,000 is also given a due-diligence ceremony from the Art Loss Register, the world’s largest database of lost and stolen watches as well as art, antiquities, and collectibles. This will be to determine if it’s been stolen prior to being offered at auction.

quartz watches

The Best Automatic Watches vs The Best Quartz Watches

The main difference between an automatic and a quartz watch is clear. Aside from the obvious, however, these moves are extremely different from one another in several aspects. When considering automatic watches vs quartz watches it is evident that each timepiece matches a very different kind of person. We’ve explored a wide range of differences and advantages in both motion types so as to give you a comprehensive listing so that you can make the ideal choice in picking the proper timepiece for you.
Power source and power reserve
As we said the most basic difference between these types of movements is your power source. Auto

matic watches are a subcategory of watches. They’re also dubbed self-winding or ceaseless, due to never running out of power. So long as it’s in continuous use the automatic watch is going to keep working. Each automatic watch also has a power reserve. There it stores any artificial energy that would keep the watch working for a particular amount of time if the wearer is not generating energy by proceeding. The power reserve on automatic watches varies greatly between models and brands. The battery sends electrical currents through to the quartz crystal, which then causes vibrations that are used to measure the seconds passing. The battery in a brand-new watch may last up to 4 years, however as the mechanics deteriorates over time and requires more energy to operate, replacement batteries usually last between 18 months to 2 years, based on the watch’s age.

Automatic watches

The maintenance amount of a watch right equates to its movement type. As you may guess the highest care watches are hand-wound mechanical as they need to be set each time they run out. When comparing automatic with granite however it all is dependent upon how frequently you’re likely to utilize the watch and what you would consider higher maintenance.
On one hand, if worn everyday a automatic timepiece will require little to no daily care. The wearer’s arm and hands movements activate the rotor inside the watch and it does all of the hard work by itself. It is suggested that a complete service is completed on a automatic watch every three to five years in order to keep it functioning in pristine condition. As they don’t need battery changes automatic watches may last you for decades when properly serviced. On the flip side, in case your automatic watch is only worn sometimes you will have to hand-wind it every period as its power book would have probably run out.
Quartz watches are very low maintenance day-to-day. There is no need for them to be wound and they don’t need to be serviced very frequently before their first battery change. After those first few years have passed it’s advised to wash the mechanism out of the watch once the battery has been changed. If the quartz watch is much more luxury it’s ideal for the eye to be serviced after every 9 to 10 decades.


Boccia adds splash of colour to chronograph watch collection review

Boccia Titanium has added a new number of colour choices to its popular identification chronograph watch collection, which might give clients the opportunity to create a set of uniquely styled timepieces.
Previously, the Boccia identification chronograph watch had only been available with a black face and gray dials which came in either titanium or black PVD coated titanium combined with a black rubber band or titanium bracelet.
However, under the new vibrant changes, these popular men’s watches can be customised to incorporate many different vibrant colors.
It starts with the strap , which comes in a choice of nine distinct colors. The chance for variation does not end there either, with the newest version of the popular Boccia watch additionally available in seven distinct dial combinations.
The colors available to customers so far consist of red, orange, royal blue, navy blue and white, with plans afoot for more shade selections to be introduced in the forthcoming months.
Nadine Kluger, of Boccia, explained:”Our customers have been asking ussince we launched the Boccia identification collection, to bring color to our chronographs. We have and they are spectacular.”
Currently the new additions to the Boccia id collection is only going to be made available in US retail outlets however, provided they are a hit, this could be enlarged further.

men's watch

Each of those timepieces offers the conventional water-resistance up to 330ft and features a hard mineral crystal alongside a nice Japanese Myota quartz movement.
Presented at a 45mm case using a two-year warranty, the Boccia watch is likely to prove a popular purchase given the exceptional craft that goes into every piece.
Constructed using 100 percent pure titanium, the timepiece manufacturers opted for the high class metal because of its corrosion and temperature resistant properties.
The id collection has proven particularly popular also, with over 8,000 variations of the men’s watch marketed so far — which makes it among the best-selling watches ever in the firm’s history.

Bell & Ross

Reviews on Bell and Ross BR 01 Skull Bronze

2015 was a year when Bell & Ross firm took their design a step further with the unique design of their Bell & Ross watch BR 01 Skull Bronze which is to be a part of the Only Watch auction. From the sword-shaped hands to the bronze skull and crossbones, this watch looks like the kind of pirate watch that Captain Jack Sparrow would wear, with its historical design that fits beautifully in a retro-futuristic Steampunk style.
One can only imagine the picturesque moment of this legendary pirate holding his sword up high and staring at his Pirate’s Skull and Crossbones watch just seconds before giving the order: “Fire at Will!” followed by the deafening sound of splintering naval ships turning into nothing but floating wreckage. Many treasure seekers embarked on quests to find the remnants of the legendary ghost ship once commanded by this ruthless marauder of the seven seas. We at Prestige Time have a hunch that Captain Bartholomew Hawkins would have scoured the earth in search of a treasure such as the BR01 Skull Bronze watch. In absence of such a deserving owner, the 2015 Only Watch charity auction is now the lucky beneficiary of this iconic watch.

Bell & Ross

Although the unique timepiece celebrates the legend of a two-hundred-year-old iconic pirate, Bartholomew Hawkins, whose pirate ship known as “Black Wind” sank off the coast of Monaco in 1815. Captain Bart Hawkins owned a watch that he had custom made with the notorious pirate’s logo, the Skull & Crossbones and wore this watch during every confrontation. Rumor has it that the face of the watch he wore held a piece of bronze that he took from a cannon that once belonged to one of his adversaries.
So why does this watchmaker put such importance to the iconology of pirates? Most people are not aware that the “Jolly Roger” known to most as the Skull and Crossbones, is actually a symbol still very much in use today by the people in uniform. Yes, the military uses the Jolly Roger to intimidate their enemies and use it decoratively on their military gear, uniforms, and even airplanes. The fusion of the Jolly Roger along with other military icons such as the sword and dagger can be found on the BR 01 Skull Bronze from Bell & Ross.


The most iconic Cartier watches ever made

Pop art superstar and committed Cartier watch wearer Andy Warhol was quote as stating:”I do not wear a Tank watch to tell the time. In reality, I never wind it. I wear a Tank because it is the watch to wear”
A part of art in itself, the Tank was first created in 1919 with a streak of just six pieces. Designed to replicate the design of a First World War tank, the watch is at once both square and rectangular, and the ring is neatly incorporated into’brancards’ — rigid sidebars.
Warhol knew an icon after he saw one — with made a number of his own — and the artist’s Cartier of choice was a Tank Solo in 18k yellow gold, using a white dial and black roman figures. Fitted on a black alligator strap and with a gold cabachon crown, the layout is simple and classic — and sold at Sotheby’s in 1988 for nearly $5,000.
Through the Years, Cartier has generated many versions over the Tank, by the Anglaise to the Americaine.
The Tank Française – Mick Jagger
Since the frontman of one of the most crucial, and longest-running, rock bands ever, Mick Jagger can be forgiven for wanting a timeless timepiece.


Which is why, when he was searching for a brand new watch in the mid-90s, he opted for the Tank Française, a newly-released variant on Cartier’s icon. An upgrade on the legacy of the original, the Française is both smaller and squarer than the Solo version worn by Warhol.
The most iconic Cartier watches ever created, and who wears them
The dial, however, stays the same — white with black roman numerals to retain the instantly recognisable Cartier aesthetic. Quintessentially Cartier sword-shaped palms in metal blue serve a similar function, ensuring the watch loses neither readability nor style.

The Française is a statement by Cartier. Almost 100 years because the first watch in the scope, this was an affirmation that the French jewellers were skillful at reinvention, and may accommodate their timepieces for each new decade whilst staying true for their signature fashion.
Like Cartier, James Bond is reborn with each generation, remaining true to his personality but switching tone, aesthetics and purpose as the years roll on. So it’s fitting that some of the celebrities to take on the mantle of this super spy have sported Cartiers. At miniseries Noble House, Brosnan wore a Pasha de Cartier. But, in his pre-Bond function as former burglar Remington Steele, the actor wore a Cartier Panthère — the opinion of the 1980s.
The very iconic Cartier watches ever made, and who wears them
Using its three rows of gold links and brushed stainless steel case, the Panthère is as amazing as the big cat for which it is named and, despite becoming an icon of the 1980s, has stayed in demand long following yuppies and shoulder pads have fallen by the wayside.
The Santon-Dumont, first designed in 1904, was among the very first modern watches designed to be worn around the wrist, and was made by Louis Cartier himself to get his buddy, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont.


Later years have observed other noteworthy figures embrace watches from the fast growing Santos-Dumont range, such as Pierce Brosnan’s fellow Bond actor Timothy Dalton, and Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise.
Cruise, who wears a Cartier Santos 100 Large watch, mentioned the timepiece’s distinctive apartment, discreet square design as reasons for his pick — as well as how well it suits his favorite Santos-Dumont sunglasses.
Swiss-made, the 100 Large has a 51mm x 41mm situation with just a slight curvature. A chocolate brown alligator strap with double-fastening clasp offers practicality, and the golden framing around the dial makes this not only among the most practical, but fashionable watches Cartier have made.


Apple Watch Hermès beyond time

Apple Watch Hermès, a special expression of this Apple Watch, is outfitted with a stainless steel bezel and finely styled leather. This cooperation of Apple’s industry-changing product layout and the legacy craftsmanship of Hermès is offered in three versions; Single lecture, Dual Tour and Cuff.


The Single Tour using an 38 mm stainless steel case comes from Fauve Barenia leather, Noir Box leather and Capucine Swift leather, whereas the Single Tour using 42 mm stainless steel case comes from Fauve Barenia leather and noir Box leather. The Cuff pairs together with an 42 mm stainless steel case and is offered in Fauve Barenia leather only.


So as to not be mistaken with any other range of the Apple Watch, each stainless steel case includes an etching of this Hermès signature plus contains a customizable facial with three distinctive dial layouts inspired by Clipper, Cape Cod and Espace Hermès watches. Apple Watch Hermès provides high tech performance and style that surpasses time.

Audemars Piguet

SIHH 2010Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Extra-Thin sale

This Season sees the 40th anniversary of the famous Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and the landmark is being celebrated at the Geneva Watch Salon Together with the unveiling of the new Openworked Extra-Thin.


The newest Royal Oak Extra-thin looks remarkably like the first from 1972, which was created by Gérald Genta. To begin with, the remake matches the magnitude of this revered classic, in 39 millimetres, a diameter that seemed huge in 1972 but now is by no means a particularly big watch. Really, it was the very first Royal Oak that helped create the style for larger Chronograph Watches. Additionally, the most recent version has an extra-flat circumstance, an undying nod to the past. There is also the special blue colour of the dial — and at the most recent model, the date disk, too — while the AP initials in white gold are again at their original 1972 position of 6 o’clock.
In the technical heart of the new ultra-thin Royal Oak beats exactly the same movement as the original, the renowned, mechanical self-winding Calibre 2121, using a thickness of just 3.05mm. The rebirth of this classic is unquestionably one of the most noteworthy models at the Geneva Salon this season.


WIRED puts three of the best dive watches to the test

WIRED tested five mechanical Dip watches in various underwater Surroundings around the world, in the Galapagos Islands to the Caribbean Sea and the Great Lakes of North America.

The watches were worn around the outside of a diving-suit sleeve in temperatures ranging from 3°C to 28°C and depths up to 45 metres. They have been used as backup underside timers and, in two cases, depth instruments along with an electronic dive computer.
Rolex Sea-Dweller 4000
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Sea-Dweller, a watch originally built for business sailors welding pipeline in the bottom of the North Sea.
The gas escape valve onto its own left-hand side is designed to relieve internal stress built up from the helium existing underwater.
While many of us will not ever have to test that feature, or the Sea-Dweller’s impressive 1,220 metres of water resistance, overkill is never a bad thing in a dive watch.
Its corrosion-resistant stainless steel case, scratch-proof ceramic bezel and chronometre-certified motion are a testament to why Rolex dive watches would be the standard bearer for your group.


On repeated wreck dives watches from the Straits of Mackinac, Michigan, the Sea-Dweller’s chunky bezel was simple to grip while wearing a pair of thick gloves. Its blue-hued Chromalight markers, meanwhile, glowed legibly even in murky conditions, and its own Glidelock clasp could be extended 20mm for wear over a diving suit.
It is the 60th anniversary of the Seamaster 300, and over the years the watch has been worn by everybody from Royal Navy sailors to James Bond.
This newest iteration, which harkens back to its oldest ancestor, has the top of Omega’s technical know-how.
The Master Co-axial movement that ticks inside is not just chronometre-accurate, but it’s also immune to the damaging effects of magnetism, thanks to some proprietary synthetic hairspring.
So confident is Omega of this motion’s art it presents it under a sapphire screen window rather than hiding it away under a protective iron cap. On the front, the rotating timing bezel is hewn from Omega watches Liquidmetal, which looks to be an ordinary alloy ring but is poured in place and almost scratch-proof.

In titanium, steel or gold, the Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial is proof that sea watches can evolve to match their environment.
Over the span of a week diving shipwrecks in Lake Superior, the Seamaster 300 was spot-on, regardless of the frigid water temperatures and magnetic environment of wrecked iron ore freighters.
The push-button extension built into the grip easily accommodated WIRED’s 5mm neoprene gloves, along with the bezel’s coin border was simple to grip with hands.
The Royal Oak Offshore oozes quality – from its beautifully brushed octagonal bezel that was developed to resemble a classic diving helmet, to the solid-gold, engraved winding rotor visible through the sapphire caseback.


These attributes almost distracted WIRED by the simple fact that the inner timing ring is hard to place and cannot be manipulated once submerged, or the chronograph just counts up to 30 minutes, typically about half of the span of a good Caribbean reef dive.
However, the odds are you will be wearing this one to impress while decompressing in the pub later anyhow.
As well as the wide range of tropical colours in which it’s available are sure to get seen, both underwater and topside. Using its bright-orange strap fitting the mood of the island, the Royal Oak Offshore Diver watches Chrono was an ideal selection for shallow-reef diving in Curaçao. The inner bezel, however is fairly ineffective as a timing device