There are many things I think when choosing what Mens Gold watch I will wear. One of these factors, I like to consider the movement placed within; I am in no way turned off by non-in house movements, but it’s nice bonus once the mechanisms were developed by the same people who put the remainder of the watch together.
Another important factor I consider, which is possibly the most important to me, is aesthetics. I like my watches to be tidy, and also to be more classical in styling, rather than modern. Attention to detail is a must. For instance, physically employed markers are more desirable than stamped; hand painted is of course more than acceptable as well. I enjoy my watches to be crafted in stone; ceramic , ceramic, and another broad collection of wild materials used today don’t interest me as much.
Sizing is the next Element. I do not own a big wrist, so I’ve been (thankfully) spared by the 46-48mm trend now taking place. I normally wear a 36mm Rolex; nevertheless I have also owned watches at the 40-42mm selection. A well designed view, with proper proportions is not the easiest thing to find.
Wearing the IWC Portuguese 7 Day


IWC Portuguese 5001-24I have always dreamed the IWC watches Portuguese 7 dawn. I love the balanced simplicity of this dial combined with the somewhat large exhibition case back. What more could you desire?
Though the 42mm case is on the thicker side at approximately 15mm, it fits nicely on my wrist when I am wearing a dress shirt or a t-shirt. I would also like to say that the dial is extremely easy to read. The 7-day power book lends itself considerably to having the ability to wear various watches but not needing to worry about re-setting the date and time. The power reserve indicator is a great feature I believe like most watches should comprise. For me, it makes me feel on the opinion as I wind it or watch the reserve deplete through the day.


Wearing a solid gold watch does demand some adjusting to, but this one has been very simple to wear. The watch is complemented by a superb brown strap which lends itself very well to casual wear on the weekends. Having a suit nonetheless, the heat rose gold instance comes out beautifully to impress people who request the moment. On my slim wrist, the gold installation stays level and balances the watch perfectly. I find myself staring at it during the day, looking at all the nuances at the flow and motion. Offered in Many Different configurations, this bit opens around $13,000 and is a must have for any experienced collector